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Xana Polewear

6 x Sticky Molly Rosin - 30ml

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  • For Pole Dance:

    • Affordable, inexpensive wax equivalent
    • Makes your skin very sticky
    • It’s applied to hips and lower legs – these dry areas of your skin that do not sweat and slide on the pole.
    • Prevents slipping and gives excellent clinging to a pole
    • Convenient and economical use in the form of a spray.

    For Silks:

    • Makes your palms very sticky
    • Significantly reduces silks gliding on your skin
    • Enhances grip
    • Convenient and economical use in the form of a spray.

Liquid rosin is a completely new means for enhancing grip in the world of Pole Dance and aerial silks. In just a few seconds it makes your skin incredibly sticky and grippy.

For aerial silks: makes your skin grippy and significantly reduces silks gliding on your hands. This reduces the load on your hands and allows you to spend more time in the air concentrating on exercises without struggling with sliding.

For Pole Dance: serves as a substitute for wax. Suitable for the dry areas of your skin that usually slide on a pole. It’s used for shins, thighs, abdomen and dry palms. It makes your skin sticky, increasing adhesion to a pole. Facilitates clinging to a pole.

How to use: Spray a small amount on dry skin areas that must cling to a pole or fabric. Allow to dry for several seconds. Done!

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