What shorts to wear for what pole moves?

What shorts to wear for what pole moves?

Struggling to figure out what you should be wearing for pole class? We're here to help, with our no nonsense guide to pole shorts and what moves you should be wearing them for.

1. Air walk, Flares, Boomerang, Cartwheel, Handspring, Wavy legs

We have the PERFECT styles to enhance your pole flow, elongate your poses and make you the most elegant pole dancer in the room. The three E's we like to call it. Pick from these flowy designs which will follow you round the pole:

Maya Trousers

Need more skin contact? Try...

Double Fly Shorts

2. Janeiro, Tulip, Teddy, Spatchcock

We know the most annoying times in poling are when you record a pole move to upload to instagram and you realise you've had a wardrobe malfunction. Now you could put an emoji to cover your crotch OR you could get some full coverage shorts that don't bunch up at the wrong time:

Booty Shorts

3. Elephant split, Dragon tail, Scorpio, Ballerina, Bow and arrow, Stargazer

These moves put the B in booty popping. If there was ever a time for a brief cut, scrunch bum, lycra moment, it's NOW:

High Waist Basic Shorts

4. Shoulder roll, Fish flop, Tick tock legs

Floorwork is the perfect opportunity to wear something you wouldn't usually get away with on the pole. By that I mean you would slide off. We have the most irresistible shorts that are bound to get heads turning:

Manhattan Mesh Shorts

5. Chopsticks, Cocoon, Marachetti split, Organ Keeper

There's only one style of shorts for the job. The low risers. It is essential to have stomach and hip grip during these moves and we've got the perfect fit:

X Shorts

Now go slay,
Xana Polewear
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