Tips for poling in the heat 🥵

Tips for poling in the heat 🥵

Yep it's a couple of hours before pole class and it's 41 degrees. Staying cool in this hot weather can be mission impossible so the thought of trying to maintain some kind of grip in pole class is scary. But don't worry we've got some top tips for you to pole in the heat.

1. Avoid going outside

I know where's the fun in that right? But there are a couple of reasons why this is important.

  • Avoid sun cream
  • Avoid a heat stroke crash in the middle of pole class
  • Avoid the sweat build up on your skin

As we all know lotions on your skin will only make you slip more on the pole, sun cream included! Have you ever sunbathed and then it get's to about 8 at night and you feel lightheaded, cold and a little bit icky? Imagine that 5 feet up a pole. Pole can be dangerous so it's best to avoid the chances of heatstroke. Lastly we worship Dry Hands for it's sweat blocking benefits, why would we build up sweat on our skin just before class?


Do not turn up to pole class dehydrated and decide to climb 5 feet up a pole. Aim to drink 3.5L of water that day.

3. Freeze your water bottle

2 hours before class top up your water bottle and place it in the freezer. Set an alarm on your phone 5 minutes before you have to leave and put it in your bag!

4. Freeze your pole cloth

Pole cloth, flannel even a pair of socks. Soak your chosen item in water, squeeze a little to get rid of the excess water and place in a zip lock bag or plastic bag with a hair bobble around it. Place it in the freezer. Set an alarm on your phone 5 minutes before you have to leave and put it in your bag!

When in class you now have a leak free cool pad. Place on the soles of your feet between moves. The skin on your palms and soles regulate your body temperature.

5. Take a few different grips to class

Your skin is going to feel different. If you have dry skin perhaps a little sweat will help with your body grip. If you have oily skin a little sweat might mean you use chalk on your body and not glycerine based products.

6. Eat and Drink the right things

  • Celery, cucumber, watermelon and cauliflower are hydration boosting greens you might want to snack on.
  • Coconut water is a great way to refresh and revitalize your body. The vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in coconut water make it an effective way to rehydrate.
  • Peppermint is known for its cooling properties due to its high menthol content, which makes you have the sensation of feeling cooler

7. Be kind to yourself

On hot days when you could lay on a sun lounger and burn calories from the heat, you've decided to attend pole class! You absolute BEAST.


Now go slay,
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