pole dance and pole fitness subsription box.

Reviewing the worlds first pole dance subsription box

pole dance and pole fitess subscription box
We sre SO excited to get our hands on a PoleBoxx, the worlds first monthly pole dance subsription box!
PoleBoxx formed in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic and have successfully shipped boxes across the globe from it's birth country the United Kingdom to Dubai, USA, Australia, Ecuador, etc.
The box is £19.99 a month including shipping. In the box you receive 5 items which are all vegan. The packaging is biodegradble and over half of the items are sourced from local businesses.
So what's in this month box you ask? Well let's get unboxing! Septembers theme is self care.
1. Polelols bath bomb
pole dance and pole fitness subscription box bath bomb
The first item in Septemer's box is a Polelols (owned by Dan Rosen)  bathbomb. First of all this bath bomb smells AMAZING and second of all it is huge, you could definetly break this into 2 or 3 uses. I love the fact it say's 'Queen Bitch', super empowing and sassy like all us pole dancers.
This item retails for £6.50 on Polelols website.
2. Brass Monkey Magazine
pole dance magazine
The second item in September's PoleBoxx is a copy of Brass Monkey Magazine's September edition. The magazine is 80 pages of pole dance heaven. There are featured articles on how to be the perfect pole student, discounts to different pole brands and pages showcasing the amazing photograher Rachel Marshall.
This item retails for £7.99 on Brass Monkey Magaine's website.
3. Technic Hydrate Face Sheet Mask
hydrate face sheet mask
The third item in this months box is a hydrate sheet mask from Technic. I love a sheet mask, especially after a heavy weekend. They're super easy to apply and remove, they refresh your skin and make your complexion glass clear.
This item retails for £4 on Missy Empire.
4. PoleBoxx handmade self love mug
self care self love pole dance mug
The fourth item in the box is a self love mug designed and handmade by PoleBoxx themselves. The mug has a pole dancer printed on it with words of affirmation tattooed across the body including 'you are brave' and 'believe'. Matched with a loveheart handle this mug is the perfect reminder to quote your self affirmations with your morning coffee.
This item retails for £12.99 on PoleBoxx.
5. Pukka teabag and Lotus biscuits
teabag and biscuits
The fifth item in our PoleBoxx is a cup of tea and biscuits. I must say this is the perfect finishing touch to this self care box.
These items retial for £2-£3.
A leaflet is also included in the box, giving a breakdown of all the items included and an opotunity to win your next box for free! The PoleBoxx move of the month challenge is designed to get you to do something different.
This months challenge is a Lotus (very fitting with the theme):
pole dance lotus
My overall view of this subscription box is that it is 100% worth it if you eat, sleep and breath pole dance. The theme is really well thought out, run yourself a bath, put your bath bomb in, put your facemask on, read your magazine, drink your cup of tea in your self love mug and finish the night with a couple of biscuits.
I think as pole dancers we don't take enough time to unwind and recover our bodies, we're constantly covered in bruises and friction burns looking for the next move to do. 
If this article has made you eager to subscribe you can get this box NOW and use code XANA5 for 5% off your first box, just click here.
Now go slay,
Xana Polewear
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