5 pole shorts to make your booty pop 🍑

5 pole shorts to make your booty pop 🍑

No matter what size, shape or cheek you have you should always have a booty popping pair of pole shorts, facts. That's why we're here to help you get your staple peach piece.

1. Lunalae High Waist Basic Shorts - Black

We're starting this blog off with the classic black Lunalae high waist basic shorts. These bikini shaped bottoms have the perfect stretch to ensure no bootys are cut off and the cute scrunch bum effect gives your peach that extra definition. 
Perfect for adding definition to small peaches.

2. OKSA Manhattan Mesh Shorts

OKSA pole dance gym shorts
Okay, you have to admit, you didn't know you needed these shorts but now they're going straight in your basket. The OKSA Manhattan mesh shorts are bikini cut with a scrunch bum. They also have mesh material three quarters sewn in.
Perfect for making the booty pop but also covering any problem areas.

3. OKSA Cantry Bottom

That's right OKSA are back doing us favours. The OKSA Cantry bottoms are high waisted with a scrunch bum built in. This soft material will be like butter on your booty.
Perfect for peaches looking for some colour.

4. Lunalae Paris High Waist Bottoms

Lunalae Paris High Waist Bottoms

Bums were made to shine and Lunalae understood the assignment. Not only will your booty be popping with Lunalae's Paris high waist bottoms but it will shine, shine, shine it up in pole class.
Perfect for pole dancers who believe in unicorns.

5. FANNA X Bottom

FANNA X Bottom

Minimal effort for maximus satisfaction, (see what I did there?) Introducing FANNA Polewears X Bottom, did you ever think your booty could save the planet and look fabulous at the same time? Well with these brazilian cut shorts made out of waste from landfills and oceans around the world, your peach might just be what's inbetween global warming and saving this planet.
Perfect for bootys that don't need an introduction.
So lets get shopping, use code BOOTY10 fo 10% off your new peach poppers.
Now go slay,
Xana Polewear
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