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Xana Polewear

POLE DANCE WOW catalog. 424 elements. The most complete set!

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The Pole Dance WOW Catalog is a brand new invention for pole dancers!!! Designed as a colorful, beautiful and convenient A5 notepad with 50 pages that contains 424 elements, divided into 10 levels of complexity, it is a premium class collection of elements and tricks for Pole dancers of any experience!

- All 424 elements are divided into levels of increasing complexity. With the help of this catalog, you know where to start and what to do next.
- All elements in one place – making it unnecessary to look anywhere else.
- Track your progress by checking learned and mastered elements – simple and convenient - It will prove most helpful in composing your own dancing routines and programs.
- It is colorful, beautiful and emotional; a great idea for a gift.
- It will help you to evaluate your level in pole dancing.
- There is no need to remember what you did on previous lesson, every bit of progress is marked and accounted for.
- With the help of this pole dance catalog students learn Pole Dance 45% faster.
- It is an invaluable helper for a trainer. Planning your lessons and routines has never been easier.
- You can get a diploma passing the milestones and be proud of it.
The Pole Dance catalog was created by Pole Dance champions with a total training experience of more than 25 years.

Width - 6.5 in
Length - 8.7 in
Height - 0.5 in

Format A5