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Xana Polewear

Dry Hands & Sticky Molly Rosin Bundle

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The perfect pole dance grip combo, one for hands and one for the body.

Sticky Molly Rosin - 30ml £8.99 - serves as a substitute for wax. Suitable for the dry areas of your skin that usually slide on a pole. It’s used for shins, thighs, abdomen and dry palms. It makes your skin sticky, increasing adhesion to a pole. Facilitates clinging to a pole.

Dry Hands -2oz £13.99 - Dry hands is a performance enhancing solution that alleviates grip problems caused by perspiration or rain.  So effective, it actually repels water. Feel the difference with the most natural and comfortable grip available in sports today.

RRP £18.98 receive a 17% discount with this pole grip bundle.

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